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My Cuban Trip Experience


I know that my team has worked for over a year preparing for this Cuban trip, raising money for flights and equipment at the market, which in my opinion was extremely boring but when the time finally came to go to Cuba, it was the best experience of my life. A time I will never forget, a time to bond with my teammates I know I will have a lifelong friendship with. A time to learn about different cultures and a time to be grateful for what we have back at home. I learned that happiness can’t be bought and giving gives you a feeling that can’t be bought either. One of the memories that remains in my head from this trip is one game we were losing and Dennis asked us if we wanted to stop the game or go another inning? We chose to stop because we were so excited to give stuff to the little kids that were so happy to watch us play. I will also remember the amount of smiles it put on their faces and even more, the smiles it put on us. I also remember sitting one inning and watching two little boys, not even 5 years old, carrying a box on top of their heads and I asked “ what were they doing ” ? They were working by carrying beer bottles for their family to earn some extra cash. Even the thought of this shocks you, I can’t imagine working at 10 years old let alone 5. This makes you think again about the lifestyle we have and how I’m thankful and appreciative for the life I have received!