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Cuba 2020 by Brooklyn


Cuba this year has taught, well, all of us as a team, very valuable things. One of the many things include not taking anything for granted. We all have big, beautiful homes with clean running water, where as some of the small communities that we played in, did not have this. We also take for granted, clothing, equipment to play sports, which they do not have. As a result, any little object they reserved that we would use daily like soap would be a treat to them and you can tell how much they appreciated it. They would get so excited; I think we all felt very privileged as we watched them. Everything was different from here, the climate, obviously was a big change, and because it was humid, hot and even when it rained the heat was still unbearable.

Softball, their fields were another huge change. The backstop was a huge plant call field mice, it was a vine looking plant. The locals were telling us to be very careful as there was little thorns and can be dangerous to humans. This was grown around Cuba to keep the mice away. Their fields had no fence and no dugouts. Dugouts were made of wood and logs to sit on, no benches.

It was an experience like no other. Out team, also, grew together like a family, (More so then before, if at all possible) parents included. There was drama, as usual, but less then normal. All of us, danced like there was no tomorrow or like no one was watching. We sang, I got up and sang at karaoke night with Coach Cheryl, unexplainable feeling. Swam as if we were never going to get out and most of all we made memories that we will never forget. EVER!!

There were no groups of individuals or loners, we all stuck together. At the end of the day, I learned that family outside of blood relations is how diverse the world is and just because we do not have the iPhone XR, we are still very lucky to have this family/team called the Blackbears!

Brooklyn Feicht