Cuba by Emma


Cuba was a blast. There were so many neat things that we did and encountered. It was also a good wake up call to us for sure. That we have a lot more then them, and we are super fortunate.

First of all, the resort. The girls and I had such a great time there and the workers were the sweetest. The resort always had activities going on, we did our best to join all of them, never failing to having a few laughs. We would always get up on stage and dance our little hearts out whenever the time was right. We even danced with the cutest little kids. Also, the beach was absolutely beautiful. The white sand was so soft and the water was so clear and blue. Although the water was really salty and i couldn’t go swimming in it because of my really sensitive skin. (learned that the hard way.) On the beach there was a volley ball net and we spent a lot of our time there, even if we weren’t the best at it. Eventually we had made new friends and they started to play with us as well. Plus, me and Jillian’s favourite part, the food and drinks. At the start of the week i was skeptical about the food and if it was normal, turns out it wasn’t actually bad at all. But i know for sure the stir-fry was the best.. Amy would agree. Some of us definitely added on a few pounds with all the food we stuffed our self with at super. Don’t get me started on the little bars either. We would shove lemonades down our throat. They were amazing and super refreshing. Or even the Mickey mouses. Sometimes the bartenders would think we were older then we were and tried to give us more adult drinks or even flirt on us. But i’m pretty sure the dads made sure they knew we were young.

Secondly, the best part, softball. The first day we played the girls were so nice. It was a lot of fun helping out the girls and showing them how to bat. The weather wasn’t terrible, it was a little windy. The second game was definitely a completely different ball game. It was a much faster game. It was super fun. The third game wasn’t the best for me because i was extremely dehydrated and had to sit out. The people who were watching the game were super worried about me but i was fine. It was Definitely a wake up call to stay really hydrated in the heat and when I got back to the resort I downed water into body. Also there were little hydration salts, really gross but helped so much. The fourth game was the best. It was scorching hot, but that didn’t stop us from playing. I got to play all game and it was the best. I was so exhausted after. I also got on base twice and hit a super nice grounder right down the middle.

Thirdly, the thing that really impressed me the most was the way the cubans live. They were all so happy with how little they have. The average cuban salary a month is about 20$ the average Canadian salary a month is about 3250$. Thats a huge difference in the quality of life, and most cubans work a lot more hours and a lot harder labor. Also, Dennis had told us that they will wait in line a store for hours just to get food or water, and that only certain things are available on certains days. So there’s no going to a store and getting some eggs, you’ll have to make sure they’re available and wait in a line to get some. Yet i noticed how happy and how loving their culture is. Plus the views are insane! It’s truly a beautiful sight. The community is so strong and so respectful. They have a very strong family life. Plus their fruit is sooooo delicious! Especially the little bananas.

Cuba was such a great time and our team bonded so well. Also the parents bonded so much. The experience was incredible and even if everything didn’t go how it was planned, we made it even better then it could’ve ever gone. I’m so grateful for going on that trip and getting a culture shock. If i could i would’ve stayed another week. I still keep in contact with some of the other girls on facebook and messenger. I miss it so much and can’t wait for our next adventure.