Cuba 2020 by Taylor


I have never been to a place like Cuba until March of 2020.  March of 2020 changed me as a person and how I see things like houses and things we have.  Compared to Cuba we have so much and I feel bad for the people that live in Cuba because they don't have as much.

Getting to the hotel and getting to see all the girls was already so fun.  Just seeing everyone's excitement was so cool.  Getting the uniforms and trying them on was another great experience.  The next day when we got to the airport was so much fun! Even thought it felt like forever waiting for the plane, it was so fun.  The plane ride there sitting beside Lauren was fun we both slept most of the way so when we woke up, we were very excited.  Once we got to Cuba and landed, I could tell everyone was trying not to flip out.

Getting on the bus and making the videos and taking photos was so fun!  We got to have fun but, we will always be able to look back at them.  Once I got to the resort, I got to look around and also think about Cuba.  I got to see all the palm trees, which I loved but I also thought about the houses I saw and this resort compared to ours.  Which I thought was very sad that we have so much, I just want to take some of our stuff and give it to them.

Once we all got settled in an went to the pools and ocean, I was amazed on how beautiful Cuba is.  I've never seen a place as nice as Cuba.  I loved hanging with the girls and talking to the parents.  I feel that I was close to these girls but we got so much closer and I love that.

Being able to wake up and hang with the girls but then putting on a Canada uniform and going out and seeing people's faces reading our jersey and saying "Good Luck Canada!" was so cool.  But then going to play ball was so fun.  Having a cactus backstop that's something I've never heard of but got to use was cool.  Playing and practicing with past national players and coaches was an experience.

My favorite part of the whole trip was being with the girls.  Now even if there was drama it was still fun being with them.  I would 100% do it again!

Thank you Rob, parents and girls!