Cuba 2020 by Gwen


March break of this year my softball team and I traveled to Cuba to play softball. Never in my life would I have thought I was going to go travel somewhere tropical and play a few games of softball. This trip didn’t just teach me more about the game of softball, it taught me about the important things in life and to be grateful for the things I have.

The night before we left, I could barely sleep. I would wake up every hour checking the time to see how much longer it was going to be until we got up. Finally, it was around 3:00am in the morning and we packed up our things and walked down to the airport, which was attached to the hotel where we were staying. When we got to the airport, we checked our bags, got our boarding tickets and went through security to get to our gate. We waited at least an hour to get on our plane which wasn’t that bad because we got to meet up with the rest of our ball team, took a team picture and waited ‘patiently’.

When we landed in Holguin Cuba, we deboared onto the tarmac which I’ve never done before so I thought that was cool. Once we got our bags and headed out to find our bus, out of no where this man starts talking to me like we’ve talked before and said ‘thank god your wearing your Canada jersey or I would’ve never known where to look’. Meanwhile, I’m standing there thinking in mind head, I’m sorry but I do not know who you are. ‘Hi I’m Dennis’ he said. Dennis was definitely a bump in the road for all of us but I am thankful that he made this happen. He guided us to the bus and when everyone was on board we went to our resort. Some of the things we saw on our way to the resort were interesting but also sad.

After we settled in at our resort and had the rest of the day to relax and chill and do whatever we wanted. One of the memorable things about this trip was how we didn’t have the use of our cell phones for most of the trip. This meant we had to adapt and learn to communicate differently than what we are used to. The time we had at the resort was unbelievably amazing the memories we made there are memories I will cherish for the rest of my life.

The days at the field were incredible! There were lots of people cheering for both teams. I will never forget about the cactus backstop and the squealing pig. The team we played only had one helmet and one bat so at the end of our 5th game we gave them our helmets, cleats, pants, a few bats and whatever we didn’t need. I will definitely miss the girls from that team and hope to see them in my future.

I’m really thankful to my parents and coaches who made this happen too. I will never ever forget about this trip with amazing people.

Thank you Coach Rob for all the work that you put into making this trip happen. Hopefully it will be the first of many that the Blackbears will experience!

Gwen Moore