2020 Canada Cuba Goodwill Tour


I'm very thankful I got to go to Cuba to play the sport I love but also represent my country.  It was an amazing experience.

The people are absolute sweethearts, they are truly friendly and amazing.  It was so cool that all these people came to watch.  It was so fun to play with a cacti backstop, amazing opponents, seeing people smile, and just having fun.  The bus ride to our games was great; we sang, danced and made a bigger bond.

But also my favourite part was seeing the cultural difference, not only that but giving things to the children who were in need but also the adults.  I will never forget their smiling faces.

The place we stayed was really great, going on stage with many people enjoying ourselves.  The pools were good but so was our tanning competition at the beach seeing how burnt everyone got.  Especially Avrey but also Jill trying to get tanned.

It was definitely the time of my life and I think coach Rob for everything.  But also my family for taking me and lastly I thank my teammates for a great experience.