We are a non-profit organization committed to developing the skills and confidence of young girls who love softball.  We provide the opportunity for these young girls to play travel softball and compete at a higher level in a positive and safe environment.


Program Philosophy

This program was started because of the passion we have for the sport. It also provides us with the opportunity to pass the knowledge that we have gathered throughout our careers.

The emphasis for this team is not winning, that is just a by product of the repetition and effort provided by coaches and players throughout the year. We believe in nurturing the dreams of young girls and to be the best on and off the field.


Our Mission

Black Bears Softball is an independent non profit organization committed to providing young girls with the opportunity to compete at a higher level. We are also committed to developing these young girls in their confidence and skills in a positive and safe environment. This team will be based on the 5 R's:

  1. Respect for Parents
  2. Respect for Teammates
  3. Respect for Competitors
  4. Respect for the Game
  5. Respect for Officials

All coaches will lead by example and provide the girls with the ethics and morals necessary for life beyond softball.